Aggressively claiming its right over its natural resources post tsunami, Indonesia recently adopted a new law that requires all foreign fishing vessels to give 70 per cent of their catch to the

In a softening of stance, Indonesia recently said it is ready to negotiate an out-of-court settlement of the us$133.6 million civil lawsuit against us gold producer Newmont Mining Corp, charged

Time to tell all: The Delhi High Court has issued notices to various departments and functionaries of the Union and Delhi governments on a public interest litigation seeking

Hundreds of forest fires in the dry jungles of Malaysia, Indonesia's Sumatra island and Singapore have put a thick blanket of smoke over many Southeast Asian cities. Although a little less in

Newmont claims pollution case in Indonesia withdrawn

Pollution from Africa and Indonesia reaches Indian Ocean region in monsoon transition periods

Smoke from wildfires in Indonesia has drifted across to neighbouring Malaysia to envelop several cities in an unhealthy haze. Officials blamed the smog on more than 300 "hot spots' on the Indonesian

Large-scale felling in Indonesia's Sumatra islands to feed the domestic paper manufacturing industry has led to a severe depletion in natural forest cover. Worse, there are further plans to cut more

Stir over fresh threat to Indonesian forests

Controlled burning of woodlands can be an effective tool for enriching the land and ecology. Dipanjan Ghosh looks at the possibilities