A recent study shows how a species reacts to warmer temperatures across the entire range of its habitat

A new research proves a common observation, that mosquitoes are selective in biting

Ants are known to relay information to one another through chemicals called pheromones which diffuse through air. But Robert Hickling of the University of Mississippi in US suggests that ant hotline

The Triassic has been brought into sharper focus, thanks to fossilised evidence found in the US

Ants have found ways by which to make up for the loss of the queen. The perpetuation of the species and the continued use of the elaborate nests built by the workers, following her death, is possible

How do genetic activities in the mother help the offspring in its development into an adult?

farmers in the district of Salem, Tamil Nadu, have shown that it is possible to farm without using pesticides and have thus proven that eco-farming is a possibility even in water-starved regions

Ants, who else! Fire ants were believed to communicate mainly through pheromones -chemical signalling messages. Researchers also knew that the insects made sounds, whose function they were

William Foster of the Universityof Cambridge in Massachusetts, US, Witnessed a duel between horned aphids (Astegopteryx minuta), which is the first case of a fight over territory to be observed

Studies on heat shock protein synthesis in mosquitoes leads on to significant pointers to pesticide use and transmission of diseases