The American serpentine leaf miner that infiltrated into India about two years ago is destroying agricultural crops

The country's first high-tech butterfly conservatory is being established at Burdwan in West Bengal, as part of an environmental education programme by the National Council of Science Museums (NSCM).

PAKISTAN failed to warn India about the magnitude of locust swarms that flew into Kutch and Rajasthan between July 5 and August 23, complain Indian agriculture ministry officials, according to

"IT IS A sad reflection on our society that we shall probably have to wait for another series of massive locust plagues before politicians and financiers will take a serious long-term look at the

Swarms of locusts that descended over Rajasthan about two months ago seem to have played havoc not only with standing crops but with the flow of information as well: there is hardly any assertion

Locust swarms are the bane of farmers in more than 66 countries. Small wonder then that the locust is the only insect that has a global committee working to outwet it

The FAO is at the hub of efforts to combat the locust probably the only globally integrated endeavour against an insect

The suspicion that the exotic Mexican beetle (Zigogramma bicolorata) may be causing more harm than good has been confirmed by the Union agriculture ministry. The ministry's plant protection adviser,

Wasps are among insects that live in highly organised colonies with a clear line of authority. But a wasp species studied recently disclosed some unique social traits.

Scientists fear the Mexican beetle, introduced to counter the adverse effects of a weed, may destroy the sunflower crop.