Some insects come up with amazing answers to the question of survival.

Wax coating from their nest helps wasps recognise siblings.

Insects introduced to curb the spread of water hyacinths are avoiding feeding on those weeds that have been contaminated by toxic metals

Ever since the use of insecticides was reduced in favour of biological control, British gardeners are discovering that some pests are on the increase (Financial Times, Oct 31/Nov 1, 1992). Now, there

Scientists are fighting the uzi fly, a parasite of the silkworm, with a wasp like insect that can help reduce that menace of the uzi fly, a parasite of the silkworm.

The silver ant -- Cataglyphis bombycina -- is the undertaker of the Sahara desert -- a role it has been forced to adopt because of its own body limitations and because of a small lurking, desert

AN entirely new breed of detectives has come up in the USA - the forensic entomologists. Detectives were stumped at the discovery of a 34-year-old man's decomposing body,'with a bullet through