Global warming has led to rise in tick borne encephalitis cases

Ants invented agriculture some 50 million years before the humans

It s a voyage of discovery as biologists travel to the unexplored stretches of the rainforest canopy, learning more about this green ocean

unscrupulous poaching and smuggling have now virtually rendered extinct rare and beautiful butterflies endemic to the forests of Kerala. Officials of traffic -India, an association working

Industrial pollution can cause genetic alteration in species

Scientists are striving to develop a vaccine against hookworm that is rampant in the Third World

Researchers at the us Agriculture Department claim that pest population in grain stores can be controlled by increasing the population of a tiny insect-eating bug. Lycotcoris Campestris -- the

Do you get crabby when the moon waxes? Don't be surprised: scientists at the Goa-based National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) have discovered that even crabs begin to behave differently under the

Some bats could well be making the belfries they live in. Jae Choe of Harvard University has recently discovered in Panama a bat (Uroderma bilobatum) that constructs sophisticated wigwams in several

LEON Baert and Rudy Jocque have found the world's smallest known female spider (Anapistula caecula) in the Ivory Coast's Tai Forest Reserve. The 0.46 mm long female members of this new species easily