Similarities between human beings and social insects extend to even stealing. One ant species, probably too lazy to forage, has found that when it comes to pilfering food from other ant colonies, the right "Perfume" can pay off.

CERTAIN wasps are inveterate nectar thieves. The wily insects sneak through the back door and loot nectar, damaging the flower and reducing chances of pollination and fruit formation (Current

Scientists have successfully used tiny wasps and an invisible fungus disease to battle pests destroying cassava crops in Africa and South America. Cassava, a starchy root crop native to Latin

Bacillus thuringiensis is one of the most useful bacteria in insect pest management: it is used as an environmentally friendly biopesticide and its insecticidal toxins are incorporated into genetically modified crops. Concerns for its ongoing economic exploitation include the rapidity with which insects can evolve resistance to its toxins and whether B.

health Cracking the capsule Every year a million people, mostly aids and transplant patients, are killed by a disease called cryptococcosis, symptoms of which include chest pain, dry cough, abdominal swelling, headache and blurred vision. This disease is caused by the deadly fungus Cryptococcus neoformans which attacks immune systems that are already infected. Researchers have

Food A Bigger Culprit In India Than In The West, Says Study Madhavi Rajadhyaksha | TNN If you've been blaming your allergic cough, running nose and itchy skin on flowering trees or neighbourhood pets, it's time to do a rethink. Insects, particularly mosquitoes, cockroaches and dust mites, are to blame for nearly 50% of the allergies in India. And food

albert einstein is said to have said: "If the honeybee becomes extinct, mankind will follow within four years.' The physicist wasn't entirely off the mark

of the worlds major biologically diverse zones, the Eastern and Western Ghats of India are among the richest, providing natural conservation to many unknown species of plants and animals. They

A swarm of desert locusts laying eggs in provinces of Mauritania has triggered fears of a major invasion at the peak of the harvesting season. Locusts were first spotted at Inchiri, a remote province

• Animal rights activists are up in arms over a Halloween contest in New York which offers customers free entry if they eat a live Madagascar hissing cockroach. The People for the Ethical