The crisis of pollination assumes greater significance in the face of declining numbers of species which act as useful pollinators

A team of British scientists claim to have found a solution to the locust menace- A solitary locust is inactive, while a gregarious one in the company of thousands of others can mean

The consumption of salt is currently being blamed for several health problems like high blood pressure and heart ailments that follow. Even though salt is bad for human health, the same may not be the case for many species in the animal world, as h

Butterfly and moth wings do seem to reflect the motto inspiring beauty pageants: 'beauty with a purpose'. The attractively coloured and designed wings make these cold blooded creatures

A rare sudden spell of snow - nearly 12 inches - in central Mexico, has driven millions of Monarch butterflies, which have their winter sojourn in Mexico, to a cold death. The distinct

HARISH GAONKAR took his childhood passion for butterflies seriously enough to carve out an illustrious career in lepidopterology for himself. A polyglot, Gaonkar prefers illustrating his own work His interests seem to reflect a rare blend ofscien

Research looks into the DNA factor acting as a stimulant for aging

Harish Gaonkar, a Danish International" Development Agency march scientist, has recently come up with unportant observations on P famall diversity of butterfly-ecol Vilm haillia. His research

Battle lines between the insects and flowers date back to nearly 100 million years

In the animal kingdom, males ofte try to mate with more females an produce more offspring. In man insects, however, the testes weaken by the time the male reaches sexuamaturity