diabetics can now now keep the needles at bay. They have an option

Corporate social responsibility is all the rage. Occasionally there comes a report that shows that it is also mostly bunkum. When the Mumbai-based ngo Karmayog rated corporate houses for their

the mystery of gharial deaths in the Chambal waters continues to elude scientists. More than 90 of the critically endangered species have died since early December, all within a stretch of about

The multi-crore Polavaram project in Andhra Pradesh is currently embroiled in legal issues. But now, the project is being contested on technical issues as well. A study carried out by the

an important tree species is fast disappearing in the Western Ghats. A

Twenty-six years ago, people displaced by the Supa dam were resettled in Karnataka's Uttara Kannada district. The better irrigation facilities promised to them after they were relocated in the

people from Uttar Karnataka's Dandeli town are opposing a move to draw water from the Kali river for a sugar mill proposed downstream. They say the factory will use up water meant for them. The

high yielding breeds of cattle have been showing dramatic decrease in fertility rates since mid-1980s, despite significant improvement in dairy-management technologies. A new study has shown this is

there are inequalities even in the ways one is exposed to pollution. Researchers from New Delhi, in a study, say the poor are vulnerable to acute health risks from air pollution. People with

there is little chance for a new bird or butterfly being discovered in the Western Ghats now, says a recent study. It has, however, not ruled out the discovery of frogs and grasses. First