JOWAI: As many as 11 coal miners in East Jaintia Hills were killed in accidents in December alone raising serious questions yet again on the apparent lack of safety measures for labourers working i

The restoration of degraded ecosystems, particularly water bodies in Jaintia Hills is need of the hour. However, no significant activity has been undertaken in the area.

SHILLONG: Around 64.4 per cent of the children in the state are suffering from malnutrition while 47.2 per cent of the women are anaemic.

The Centre is all set to tie up with the KFW, a German government-owned development bank, for implementation of a project relating to addressing climate change and its impact in the northeastern st

The North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited (NEEPCO) is losing an estimated Rs 12 lakh every day due to damage to its Kopili hydel project caused by acidic discharge from the unscientific

The main cause for the temporary shutdown of the 275 Megawatts Kopili Hydel Project in Dima Hasao is due to acidification caused by unscientific rat hole mining in East and West Jaintia Hills Distr

SHILLONG: After much criticism, claims and counter-claims, the Myntdu Leshka Hydel Power Project has achieved its desired target of generating 126 megawatts from the three units.

Encouraged by the successful generation of power from the project, the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL) is now preparing to initiate Stage II of the Project to generate additional 280 MW of power that would take care of the energy deficiencies in the State.

West Khasi Jaintia Hills Deputy Commissioner PS Dkhar has issued an order banning mining of limestone at Nongtalang and Amtapoh villages in the district.

SHILLONG: Marking the world Environment Day with a heavy heart, renowned columnist Rev HH Mohrmen observed that if the government falls back on introducing and implementing strict laws to check unregulated mining, the state will witness many dead rivers as is the case of Jaintia Hills.

Terming Jaintia Hills as the ‘Land of dead rivers’, Mohrmen said that the environment in Jaintia Hills is degrading to a large extend and this is evident from the dead and acidic rivers and streams ultimately leading to the dead of aquatic species caused due to unabated and uncheck mining activities.

JOWAI: Minister for Forest and Environment also in charge of Community and Rural Development, Prestone Tynsong launched the Bio-fuel Project in Rymbai village, East Jaintia Hills District, on Thursday.

The bio-fuel project is the first of its kind in the state and the first bio-fuel project taken up by the farmers in the country. It is a project in which fuel (diesel) and other by products is extracted from the seeds of plants.