Summer monsoon season 2011 was highlighted with unprecedented rainfall in some districts of Punjab in the second week of August 2011 causing significant damage to public and private properties. An attempt has been made in this paper to identify the observational aspects, main synoptic system, Physical process and thermodynamic features leading to such unusual rainfall in Punjab recorded on 13th August, 2011.

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The restoration of degraded ecosystems, particularly water bodies in Jaintia Hills is need of the hour. However, no significant activity has been undertaken in the area.

The prime objective of the study is to estimate and compare the CO2 and carbon emission by direct use of fossil fuels in farm operations under the conventional and resource conservation systems in major wheat growing regions of India.

The coal is one of the extensively utilized minerals in Meghalaya. Though coal deposits in the state is found all along the southern fringe of Shillong plateau, Jaintial Hills District is a major producer of coal.