Agriculture is the mainstay of the Madhya Pradesh economy. As much as 49 per cent of its landmass is cultivable and 74.73 per cent of its people depend directly or indirectly on agriculture for their livelihood. The sector

"Only 25 per cent of the NREGS funds have actually reached beneficiaries'

"Rs.2,100 crore apparently siphoned off by the executing authorities'

"Loot, plunder and pillage of the NREGS funds has been truly participatory'

Hundreds of migrant adivasis from Madhya Pradesh have died from acute silicosis (caused by inhaling silica) contracted while working in quartz crushing factories in central Gujarat. Thousands more face the same fate.

The state government had launched Ladli Laxmi Yojana with a view to creating positive thinking about girls among the masses, improvement in gender ratio and improving standard education of health of girls apart from laying a solid foundation for their future. The novel scheme has yielded very good results within a short span of one year.

A state cabinet meeting chaired by the Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh on Thursday decided to give compensation under liberal rehabilitation policy to the farmers of Dhar and Jhabua who have been affected by the construction of Mahi Project. The cabinet has given approval to the proposal that those farmers, whose more then 75 percent land has come under submergence would be provided compensation and rehabilitation grant for their land under submergence as well houses which do not fall in the area of submergence.

This paper examines the impact of the variation in stocks of three resources, namely, water, forests and fodder biomass, on resource collection time of rural households in India, especially women.

In Reclaiming Nature, leading environmental thinkers from across the globe explore the relationship between human activities and the natural world.

Jhabua hostels get water relief

Poor Jhabua tribals are falling prey to the deadly silicosis

Kamli Ditiya is barely 40, but she looks 60. Two years ago, hers was a family of ten. Today, she is just one of three. The seven dead include her husband and their two sons. All died of one dreaded, malignant cause: silicosis.

The Indian Institute of Forest Management has taken up a ITTO sponsored project on operationalisation of sustainable forestry development with community participation (following the C&I approach) in eight forest divisions in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. This document is a pioneer attempt to workout sustainability index based on indicators of forest management units of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh states.