Extensive erosion of high tidal mudflat along the northern parts of Gulf of Khambhat (GoK) was observed from the analysis of time series satellite images during the time period from March 2014 to September 2017. Around 28.66 sq. km area of high tidal mudflat eroded within this time period.

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This time it is not merely crying wolf! The Indian Gray Wolf, inhabiting scrub lands and the ravines along the banks of the Central Indian rivers, needs protection.

AHMEDABAD: Parched throats in Rajasthan are crying hoarse over Gujarat allegedly stealing its share of the Mahi river waters by constructing the Sujalam Sufalam irrigation canal.

The significance of water policy and the action plan formulated for its implementation in Rajasthan were highlighted at a meeting organised at Sinchai Bhavan here on Wednesday with a call to the water resources officers to make all efforts for achieving the targets.

Principal Water Resources Secretary Ram Lubhaya, presiding over the meeting, pointed out that water in 12 of the 14 basins in the

This press release by Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti expresses concern that the effluent treatment facilities across golden corridor does not conform to GPCB norms and demands that effluent discharge at Tadgam Sarigam Pipeline, from FETP, Ankleshwar, ECP, Vadodara and CETPs of Ahmedabad be stopped. <br>

Ahmedabad/ Vadodara: In a damning report, the central pollution control board (CPCB) proved that industries in and around Vadodara are dumping toxic chemicals into Mahi river and the Gulf of Cambay. The effluent being dumped are 15 times more polluted than the accepted norms.

Effluent Conveyance System called as Effluent Channel Project (ECP) is provided to carry treated effluent from industries (mostly chemical) located near Vadodara to the Gulf of Cambey, Arabian Sea. The industries along the stretch in the area from Padra Taluka (Vadodara District) and Jambusar Taluka (Bharuch District) also join the ECP for effluent discharge.

A state cabinet meeting chaired by the Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh on Thursday decided to give compensation under liberal rehabilitation policy to the farmers of Dhar and Jhabua who have been affected by the construction of Mahi Project. The cabinet has given approval to the proposal that those farmers, whose more then 75 percent land has come under submergence would be provided compensation and rehabilitation grant for their land under submergence as well houses which do not fall in the area of submergence.

Gujarat is a waterstressed state going by the definition of such areas as those having water availability below 1700 cum/ca/annum (cubic meter per capita per year).

The Mahi river flowing into the Gulf of Khambhat is on the verge of extinction due to pollution and salinity. Fisherfolk and non-governmental organisations (ngos) of Vadodara, Gujarat, blame