A total of 239 individual adult tigers have been identified from camera-trap photos in a study on the status of tiger and population of ungulate prey species in around 5300 sq km trans-boundary Ter

Pilibhit Forest Division in the state of Uttar Pradesh is a unique site for tiger conservation because it supports a breeding tiger population even though the forests are narrow and disturbed.

LUCKNOW: The proposed tiger reserve in Pilibhit, second in UP after Dudhwa, seems to have hit a roadblock.

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh government will shortly enact a law to constitute a special tiger protection force with its office based at Dudhwa National Park in Lakhimpur Kheri district.

One surviving stronghold of endangered Northern swamp deer is Jhadi taal (lake) in Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary on the floodplains of Sharda River. Changes in channel characteristics and land use/cover in a

LUCKNOW: The villagers living on the fringes of Kishenpur sanctuary in south Kheri forest division are demanding relocation. The demand is coming forward from village clusters in Kamp Tanda.

The hamlet was in news after a stray tiger

function open_new_tigers() { newwd=window.open("dte_slideshow/20090415_tigers/tigers_terai.htm","","height=650,width=600,scrollbar=yes"); newwd.moveTo(200,75); } Tigers that recently killed 11 people were neither old nor injured Close to the foothills of the Himalaya four tigers ventured out of forests and killed 11 people in the past five months. The killings have