As the country grapples with rising incidents of man animal conflicts, a novel cell-phone based technology — “WildSeve” is set to show the way for minimising such tragedies.

Alarmed by the critically endangered status of vultures in the country, the forthcoming tiger census will also include the count of raptors from the respective States along with big cats.

A total of 239 individual adult tigers have been identified from camera-trap photos in a study on the status of tiger and population of ungulate prey species in around 5300 sq km trans-boundary Ter

With the postponement of a crucial meeting of the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) which was to deliberate on field trials of genetically modified seeds, the decision on their commercial release may be delayed further, possibly until the next kharif season.

The proposed 110th meeting of GEAC, scheduled for Wednesday, has been postponed for July 6.

The Uranium Corporation of India plans to expand its mining and ore processing operations in Jaduguda, Jharkhand, which will require an additional 6.37 hectares of forest land. The public hearing on the environmental clearance in May was a farcical exercise with company employees and their families crowding out the affected villagers.

For the tribals of villages in the Gumla and Khunti districts of Jharkhand, where the Arcelor-Mittal steel plant is to be situated, the company does not spell employment opportunities as much as an annihilation of their way of life, their culture and the environment.