During the last two decades much has been written about the biodiversity richness of country. Avoiding all the numerical details about the documented species an attempt has been made to provide information about the relative forest systems of India. For classifying the vegetation the altitude has been adopted as vital factor in detailing the vegetation.

Tamil version of a GSI publication launched
CHENNAI: The Government is working on a State Mineral Policy to streamline exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, Rajeev Ranjan, Principal Secretary (Industries) said on Friday.

Addressing officials of the Geological Survey of India (GSI) at the launch of the Tamil version of the publication,

We asked the Hindustan Unilever Limited to respond to the allegations in our story. Excerpts from an email reply

Sitting atop the Palni hills, Kodaikanal, the premier tourist destination of Tamil Nadu, does not evoke images of pollution.

Three top institutions gave a clean chit to HLL on the health angle of mercury leak at its Kodai plant without examining victims, says Gokul Chandrasekar

RUBY Martine (80) walks to the graveyard every Wednesday to offer flowers at the grave of her son Christopher Martine, who worked at the Hindustan Lever Limited's (HLL) erstwhile mercury plant in Kodaikanal. Christopher died in 1997 due to kidney failure at the age of 33 and his mother claims this was due to his exposure to mercury at the factory.

PALIYA tribes living in and around Kodaikanal a re a l l e g e d ly f a c i n g health problems attributable to mercury pollution, according to an NGO working with tribals in the region. However, no study has been conducted till date to validate these claims as the tribal group continues to stay away from modern healthcare facilities.

K. Raju

Supply not made even once in 8 days in Kodaikanal

In high ridge areas, situation is so grim

Plan to draw water from Gundar falls