This case study of Cheyyur Ultra Mega Power Plant, Tamil Nadu reveals that project has cleared many statutory environmental checks based on several false claims made by EIA consultants and the project proponents.

LAST JANUARY, Australia declined India’s request for uranium supply citing non-proliferation concerns.

Ask Chennai's fisherfolk and they will tell you that the road to hell is built on stilts.

Sitting atop the Palni hills, Kodaikanal, the premier tourist destination of Tamil Nadu, does not evoke images of pollution.

The fallout of Hillary Clinton

On November 10, 2002, people wearing Bollgard caps visited cotton farmer R Narsimha Reddy at his home in Aleru, a village in Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh. Bollgard cotton Bt cotton is Monsanto s proprietary gene technology developed to defend the pest pro

India, seen as a dumpyard by the developed countries for toxic wastes, is under pressure not to ratify the Basel Ban