The revenue authorities had issued notices to 11,595 private individuals, organisations and companies for lake encroachment. But so, far only 5,500 have replied.

Funding agencies have started work on a revised detailed project report for complete integration of the waterbodies with the network

Decreasing water level in Pushkar Lake has come down hard on fishes and dozens of them died in last 48 hours.

Many encroached drains were identified at Kapra, Uppal, L.B. Nagar and Chaitanyapuri.

GLOF is low-frequency event, but it often causes enormous loss and damage of life, property and human environment in downstream regions. The economic losses caused by GLOF are much higher than the project costs to early consolidate moraine dam and release flood waters. Glacial lake outbursts can be very difficult and expensive to control, but regional exposure and vulnerability of exposed elements downstream can be reduced by improving adaptation capacity and risk management level.

Building violations lead to huge losses for residents; FTL limits ignored.

Heaps of mud dumped in the downstream of Varthur lake.

Quantifying rates of primary production and respiration is fundamental to understanding ecosystem function. This study utilized high-frequency time series, buoy-based sensor data to estimate daily primary production and respiration rates during the summers of 2012–2015 in southern Green Bay, Lake Michigan. Highly coherent diel oscillations of dissolved oxygen concentrations in epilimnetic waters were commonly observed for much of the summer via 30-min time intervals from the GLOS buoy (NOAA 45014) sensor array.

California has experienced a dry 21st century capped by severe drought from 2012 through 2015 prompting questions about hydroclimatic sensitivity to anthropogenic climate change and implications for the future. We address these questions using a Holocene lake sediment record of hydrologic change from the Sierra Nevada Mountains coupled with marine sediment records from the Pacific. These data provide evidence of a persistent relationship between past climate warming, Pacific sea surface temperature (SST) shifts and centennial to millennial episodes of California aridity.

Nagpur: Immersion of idols of Lord Ganesh commenced on Tuesday.