The recent trends of increasing awareness of economic and environmental cost of conventional landfilling are being developed in accelerating pace for the degradation of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW).

In an era when

a landfill and compost plant proposed to come up near the Yamuna at Kuberpur village in Agra came in for criticism at a recent public hearing at Agra Collectorate. Environmentalists and social activists are concerned that incineration of waste at the plant will release toxic pollutants, dioxins and furans, in the environment. The Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam


Because of the high concentration of heavy metals in the sediment sludge produced from industrial wastewater treatment, direct disposal of this sludge in landfill sites will cause serious soil and groundwater pollution.

The work of Amin Bazar sanitary landfill project is likely to begin in September subject to approval of the Executive Committee of National Economic Council.
Officials of the Dhaka City Corporation said they had already acquired 50 acres of land in Amin Bazar area of Savar in Dhaka for the implementation of the proposed two-year project, undertaken by Waste Management Division involving about Tk 65 crore.

By Satish Shile, DH News Service, Bangalore:

After much protest from the public, landfill site for hazardous wastes developed by the State government in Dobbespet has started its operation.

Hyderabad based Ramky Environmental Management Pvt Ltd, the service provider at the site, has been collecting hazardous waste from industries, since June 19, this year. So far the service provider has collected 1,800 tonnes of hazardous waste.

By Kate Kelland

LONDON (Reuters) - Sparked by surging oil, a dramatic rise in the value of old plastic is encouraging waste companies across the world to dig for buried riches in rotting rubbish dumps.

Long a symbol of humanity's throw-away culture, existing landfill sites are now being viewed as mines of potential which as the world population grows could also help bolster the planet's dwindling natural resources.

The World Bank will provide $5.524 million (of which $2.869 million long-term debt) to proposed Carbon Finance project "Lahore Composting" (Saif Group, Pakistan, the sole owner of Lahore Compost Ltd-LCL) to avoid generation of methane emission from biodegradable wastes and improve cultivated land by using compost as a natural soil conditioner.