How have women been coping in the aftermath of farmer suicides in Punjab?

The 61st round (2004-05) of the National Sample Survey showed that there was a turnaround in employment growth in rural India after a phase of jobless growth during the 1990s. Paradoxically, this employment growth occurred during a period of widespread distress in the agricultural sector with low productivity, price instability and stagnation leading to indebtedness.

Natural resources perform multiple functions as a driver, maintainer, potential exit route, and also an effective escape mechanism in the context of poverty dynamics, especially in a

Kalliammal is busy gathering harvested gingerly seed crops and piling them up in a heap and does not notice us as we enter the village. A quick glance around, will tell you that many of her neighbours are in a hurry as well. It

Drawing upon a micro-study of two villages in two non-Left gram panchayats in West Bengal, this paper puts one issue in the foreground, namely, the idea and practice of local politics.

Rural residents across the developing world earn a large share of
their income

The study investigates whether the employment shift from the farm to the non-farm sector in Uttar Pradesh arises out of prosperity-induced or distress-induced factors. The examination of employment patterns at various levels leads to conclusive evidence that distress-induced push factors have been predominant in driving workers to non-farm employment.

This paper examines the evolution of poverty in India through the prism of agricultural wages and employment. It links the movement in wages (and hence poverty) to the fundamental process of sectoral labour flow that underlies economic development. It finds that despite the rapid growth of the non-farm sector, its success in drawing labour from land has been limited.

Most of the rural population in Nepal is engaged in subsistence farming. There is a high rate of migration of poor landless people from the mountains to the plains and the rural to the

The Orissa Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy, 2006 draws its strength from experiences from the implementation of past policies, best practices in other states and the Orissa government's Industrial Policy Resolution, 2001.