Lucknow: Protesting against the Uttar Pradesh Government

Eighty-nine people were killed in the high-velocity thunderstorm that ripped across Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday. The deaths came as winds blew at 80 km an hour uprooting trees and triggering wall collapse and lightning ignited fires. The thunderstorm caused a blackout in several parts of the State as power lines snapped. Trains services were also affected. Power, rail services restored

At least 124 persons were killed in various accidents across Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday night when a duststorm, accompanied by a short spell of rain, lashed through several parts of the state, according to official sources.

Visitors to Vrindavan and the fabled land of Lord Krishna, called Braj Bhoomi, are often taken aback by its ramshackle, dirty condition. It has dried up ancient water bodies or kunds, denuded forests and lots of garbage. It also has a dreaded mining mafia running around with dynamite, digging holes and blowing up sacred hills.

The quality restoration of any river, especially of the Yamuna at Mathura, a religious center in India, is a very complex and interdisciplinary endeavor. River pollution cannot be minimized merely by diverting the routes of drains carrying wastewaters and/or establishing sewage treatment plants.

THE Indian Railways will put coal movement on its priority list to ensure timely supply of the fuel to power stations, a senior official said.
For this, the Railways has rationalized its freight scheme by specifying dedicated routes linking coal producing areas with power stations.

Pigeon pea was grown, in the field, at the experimental farm of Mathura Oil Refinery, in the presence or absence of biofertilizer, using TW (treated wastewater of the refinery) or GW (ground water) as