LUCKNOW: Zero rains in Uttaranchal hills on Sunday helped to stabilise the rising water levels of Gang Naher and Kosi rivers which have wreaked havoc in west UP, much to the relief of lakhs of people affected by flood. However, the unrelenting Yamuna continued to swell on Sunday.

Lucknow: People of western UP heaved a sigh of relief as rainfall activity slowed down and water began to recede in some places on Thursday. But their ordeal is far from over as a fresh alert has been sounded for districts along the banks of the Ganga and Yamuna.

The Yamuna River, which flows through the heart of India’s capital city, is one of the holiest rivers in Hindu mythology. It’s also one of the most polluted rivers in the world, absorbing more than 200 million gallons of sewage from the city each day.

The Vrindavan Forest Revival Project, later called the Vrindavan Conservation Project, was launched in 1991 by the World Wide Fund for Nature, to restore ecological order in the region. A study of the project shows certain processes of religious revivalism in environmental politics.

The agitation over Government move to acquire agricultural land for setting up townships near Yamuna Expressway is all set to gain momentum after farmers in western Uttar Pradesh put Mayawati government on notice.

Farmers of Aligarh have decided to go on an indefinite hunger strike from Monday to demand compensation as given to the cultivators in Noida in lieu of their lands while their counter

Lucknow: On the backfoot ever since the use of force against farmers seeking higher compensation for land being acquired for the Yamuna Expressway in the Aligarh-Mathura belt, the Mayawati government on Tuesday offered to increase the land compensation rate.

Debate in Lok Sabha on the situation arising out of acquisition of farmer?s land in Uttar Pradesh and other parts of the country.

Atiq Khan

LUCKNOW: As the Mayawati government went into damage-control mode to contain the fallout of the Aligarh incident

The work outlined in this paper mainly deals with the monitoring of Yamuna river water from pre and post refinery zone for the periods October 2001 and December 2002. A comparative account of physico-chemical and biological investigations of Yamuna river water in pre and post refinery zone of Mathura during the above mentioned time periods is given in this text.

The Union Tourism Ministry, along with the UP Tourism Department, is set to develop a village in Congress president Sonia Gandhi