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Tamil Nadu, which has long been delaying setting up the District Mineral Foundation, has finally notified the institution and has framed the rules to govern the body. The DMF would ensure that a part of the royalty received by the Central and State governments is earmarked for developing areas affected by mining activities.

The Ministry of Environment,Forest and Climate Change issued draft notification vide S.O. 3933(E) dated 18.12.2017 regarding Environmental Clearance of Minor Minerals including cluster situation in Appendix-Xi and details as follows.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Environmental damage due to illegal mining, 18/12/2017. As informed by Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) (a subordinate office of the Ministry of Mines), the detail of illegal mining reported in various parts of the country and the action taken by State Governments, for the last five years i.e. 2013-14 to 2017-18 (till Quarter ending June 2017) are at Annexure-I.

Rural communities in Kenya risk losing out on billions in royalties even as the country prepares to draw the first revenue from oil.

Why is the Department of Mineral Resources trying to muscle in on the trust fund to be set up to compensate mineworkers with silicosis?

Meghalaya politicians have usually been sympathetic towards the miners’ ever since mining was banned in the State, but Deputy Chief Minister RC Laloo has publicly stood for environment instead of u

Governments and national as well as corporations are driving the demand for water, land, fossil fuels, raw materials, and organic resources of all kinds, as never before. Previously intact ecosystems are being sacrificed to satisfy this hunger for resources. Thousands of people are losing their livelihoods as a consequence.

Transparent and accountable mining can contribute to sustainable development. This begins with corruption-free approvals – the very first link in the mining value chain when decisions are made about whether, where, and under what circumstances to permit mining, including who is awarded licences or contracts.

Danger is looming in Bowire in the Afigya Kwabre District of the Ashanti Region following the recent quarry dynamite explosion by K.K.

An environmental scientist, Mr. Kwame Owusu says individuals engaged in ‘galamsey’ will soon die due to the use of chemicals in extracting gold.