A recent environment impact report has called upon all foreign investors to stop plans to build dams on the Salween river in Myanmar. The report

How China’s growing wood imports are affecting its neighbours

The tropical monsoon rhythm for over centuries obviously occasioned the development of water works which facilitated wet rice cultivation in pre-modern Southeast Asia.

Asia to have its first cross country linkages of fragmented habitats

The Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) is a global biodiversity hotspot and contains a number of "Global 200 ecoregions' identified globally by WWF. Much of the area, especially along the Greater Annamite Mountains, is biologically unexplored. The climate, geology and ecology of the six GMS countries are very similar. The countries share three large rivers

tsunami Answerability: Sri Lanka's president Chandrika Kumaratunga has got an inquiry initiated into the government's failings in averting the destruction caused by the tsunami waves on December 26,

Safe Shrimps Antibiotics are good in

Whenever the Supreme Court pulls the trigger, why does it miss the target? Because governments like those of the seven Northeast states work hard to defeat every good intention. The apex court imposed an interim ban on felling in forests on December 1

Governments clinically interpret the ban to make space for the forest bureaucracy, alienating people from their own habitats

Read between the lines: the Supreme Court order has a development model hidden for the Northeast