The Mynmar government is falsifying statistics on AIDS cases to cover the fact that the disease has reached epidemic levels, alleges a us expert on AIDS. Chris Beyrer, an epidemiologist at the

Myanmar has not sqandered its natural resources in an attempt to ape the West

Survival is not easy for an endangered species of gibbons when its habitat is being destroyed, says Kashmira Kakati

geoscientists and physicists in Assam have warned that the northeastern parts of India and western Burma are likely

Two small border towns, Tachilek in Myanmar and Mae Sai in Thailand, thrive on illegal trade in animal products. ANIL AGARWAL and SUNITA NARAIN take a stroll through the wildlife black market to give a gra

Plans are afoot to rejuvenate an overworked elephant population in Myanmar through artificial insemination

Ignoring environmental considerations, Thailand has reopened its teak trade with Myanmar, but world opinion against the radical Khmer Rouge has blocked similar trade with Cambodia.

Many oil companies in Myanmar are pulling out of expensive but fruitless exploriation projects, dashing the military regime's hopes of future oil revenues.