The water may be supplied to the consumers either- (1) by continuous system or (ii) intermittent system. In the continuous system, water is available to the consumers for all 24 hours a day. Whereas, the intermittent system supplies water only during the peak hours of water demand, which is fixed hours in the morning and evening period of the day.

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have been proven to catalyze both investments, for bridging investment gaps and improving efficiencies in delivery of services.

MUMBAI: The political crisis caused by the arrest of former Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu worsened on Monday. While Telugu Desam Party (TDP) activists observed a bandh in Andhra Pradesh to protest against the detention of their leader by the Maharashtra police, the state legislature was adjourned for the day to condemn the TDP's action.

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The face of Nanded is slowly changing as planners set out on a transforming mission under the JNNURM.

A 1.5-km stretch on the northern bank of the Godavari has been developed as a promenade. A view from the old bridge on the river.