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With Finance Minister AMA Muhith in the chair, the cabinet committee on public purchase approved the overhauling of a troubled unit of the Ghorashal Power Plant in Narsingdi

Many indigenous species of fish are facing extinction in Narsingdi district due to widespread use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the cropland land for boosting production.

Fish eggs and spawns are ruined due to excessive use of fertilsers and insecticides in the crop field and industrial wastages flowing through the rivers

Disposal of factory waste and chemicals are polluting waters of Haridoa and old Brahmaputra river in the district posing serious threat to public health and environment as well.

The villagers of nearing Shitalakha river of Polash upazila are facing serious erosion threat for illegal lifting of sands from the river.

After achieving self-sufficiency in food grains, farmers of Narsingdi district are now inspire to cultivate more aromatic rice Banglamoti due to economic prospect of the crop .