As the first anniversary of Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster approaches, U.S.

The Nuclear Energy Institute and the National Mining Association said that they sued the federal government on Monday to reverse a ban on new uranium mining on federal land around the Grand Canyon.

Iran ordered a halt to its oil sales to Britain and France on Sunday in a move seen as retaliation against tightening EU sanctions, as a team of U.N.

The United Nations chief urged Iran on Friday to implement Security Council resolutions under which Tehran should curb sensitive nuclear activity, but the Islamic state once again signalled it has

A major crisis looms large over the world as Iran flexed its nuclear muscles on Wednesday and the US and the EU nations geared up for tougher sanctions and military solution to tame a defiant Mahmo

Kazakhstan believes the international community's first nuclear fuel bank can be up and running on Kazakh soil by late next year, potentially supporting the Obama administration's broader efforts t

At a time when coal and gas shortages have crippled operations at most of India’s thermal stations, a boost in nuclear fuel is set to take atomic power generation to a seven-year record next fiscal

The United States must urgently work to find a new central site to house its spent nuclear fuel and probe whether Japan's nuclear disaster has any safety implications for storage at the country's p

The UN atomic agency confirmed on Monday that Iran has started enriching uranium to 20-per cent purity at a new site in a difficult-to-bomb mountain bunker.

Decommissioning Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant will take three or four decades, Japan's government said on Wednesday as it unveiled plans for the next phase of a huge and costly cleanup of t