India says it is concerned about the safety of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal after a group of militants attacked a naval air base, the defence minister said on Wednesday.

"Naturally it is a concern not only for us but for everybody," A.K.

The head of Nato said Tuesday he was confident Pakistan's nuclear weapons were safe, but admitted it was a matter of concern, the day after the worst assault on a Pakistani military base in two years.

However, membership not automatic; a long road of persuading all the members lies ahead.
The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), the world's premier non-proliferation body, has decided to include India's request for membership as a special agenda item when it holds its annual meeting in the third week of June.

This was agreed upon during a meeting on Monday between the Indian delegation led by Fore

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New Delhi: Pakistan is focusing on building lowyield, tactical nuclear weapons which it can use in case of skirmishes onthe border with India.

Models show that even a 'small' nuclear war would cause catastrophic climate change. Such findings must inform policy, says Alan Robock.

New Delhi: India on Monday took stock of its nuclear arsenal and delivery systems like longrange ballistic missiles, fighter-bombers and warships towards its quest to have an operational nuclear triad

As terrorism spreads and the security situation in its north-western region worsens, reports of Pakistan increasing its nuclear arsenal have raised fears over its safety and security. There is serious concern about the possibility of non-state operators acquiring a dirty bomb in the event of the government crumbling or a successful coup led by radical extremists, which could be catastrophic.

Pakistan has doubled the size of its nuclear stockpile over the past several years, edging past India and now has more than 100 deployed weapons, according to a Washington Post report.