Tall claims are being made for the nuclear arms reduction treaty

The nuclear summit of 47 countries that was convened by the United States skirted the real issues of proliferation and disarmament of atomic weapons by the nuclear weapon states.

Suzanne Goldenberg

Even as the threat of a fourth round of UN sanction loomed large over it, Iran appeared to have partially succeeded in ending its global isolation on the nuclear issue if one were to draw any conclusion from the two-day international conference on nuclear disarmament which ended in Tehran tonight.

Two-day event will be attended by 50 nations, including India, Russia & China

Under mounting global pressure to abandon its controversial nuclear programme, Iran hosts a two-day international conference here on Saturday on nuclear disarmament in a move clearly aimed at countering the high-profile Nuclear Security Summit convened by US President Barack Obama in Washington earlier this week.

Washington: US president Barack Obama declared the world safer after a 47-nation summit agreed to a four-year deadline to lock down loose nuclear materials to prevent them from falling into militant hands.

Keeps intrusive NPT measures out n Puts Pak on mat

R. Rajaraman

That the Indian leadership has been invited to be a participant on an equal footing with the

Siddharth Varadarajan

Washington: Conceived with theatrical flourish by President Barack Obama last April, the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) which gets under way here on Monday combines the pursuit of a serious agenda

WITH nuclear terrorism remaining a real threat, India is looking to the Nuclear Security Summit to strengthen cooperation among countries on nuclear security matters.