1. At the ... Plenary meeting on ... the Participating Governments of the Nuclear Suppliers Group decided that they:

a. Desire to contribute to the effectiveness and integrity of the global nonproliferation regime, and to the widest possible implementation of the provisions and objectives of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons;

Nationalist euphoria over the NSG waiver will breed monumental arrogance, great-power delusions, and contempt for peace among our social-Darwinist elite.

nsg India gets into nuclear family On September 6, the 45-member nuclear suppliers group (nsg) lifted its 16-year-old embargo on nuclear commerce with India. The tough negotiations in Vienna went down to the wire after China, which had sounded positive in the run-up to the nsg meeting took a different line. Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and Ireland also acted

Why conduct N-tests when accurate, N-armed missiles will deter better?

CORPORATE America is investing millions of dollars in an intense lobbying effort to convince lawmakers in Congress to ratify the Indo-US civilian agreement, fearing it might otherwise lose opportunities to earn megabucks in an Indian nuclear industry poised to open its doors to foreign investments.

INDIA has broken the regional chains and emerged as the new geostrategic force in the world. The paradigm has shifted, the world has adjusted, the rules have changed and the nuclear isolation has ended. That it all happened largely on India's own terms makes the achievement that much more significant.

In his hotel room in Vienna, Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon sat tensed waiting for the outcome of the plenary session of the 45-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) on September 6. He was conscious of the irony.

President Bush has failed to achieve so many of his foreign policy goals, but last weekend he proved that he can still get what he really wants. The administration bullied and wheedled international approval of the president's ill-conceived nuclear deal with India.

The Bush administration is beginning a race against time to win congressional backing for a landmark deal with India after convincing more than 40 other countries to allow international nuclear trade

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