Fracking for shale oil and gas has not led to widespread pollution of drinking water, a U.S.

When Croatia announced in 2013 it would set a tender to explore for oil and gas in its pristine Adriatic waters, the government evoked the hydrocarbon riches of Norway to win over the plan's many d

Environmental impact of leasing area off Alaskan shore to Shell was insufficient, say action groups

- Suspended air particles impact liver

Lawsuit victory triggers de facto moratorium on fracking in the state as a bill that would freeze renewable energy shift at current rate heads towards senate vote

At least 200 Seattle environmental protesters blocked the entrance to a terminal in Seattle’s port on Monday where a massive Royal Dutch Shell drill rig is temporarily resting on its way to explore

Reliance Industries is set to spend $60 million, drill for 65 days in D1, D3 fields.

Environment activists are taking legal action against the government for refusing to release environmental assessment documents for petroleum exploration off the coast of South Australia.

Fracking could release dangerous compounds into the air increasing the risk of breathing problems and developing cancer, a study has claimed.

Environmental groups and experts hit out at the US government on Tuesday following its announcement that the Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell would be allowed to resume offshore exploration and drilling