CWRDM study finds most rivers highly contaminated due to lack of proper waste management

The river basin had witnessed an unprecedented water scarcity last summer

The 2.5-km-long natural stream Varalchal is heavily silted

Experts say Central Kerala may see an eco-disaster, socio-economic crisis

A four-member Central team led by J.

Nod for releasing Central grant-in-aid of Rs.5 crore

The pollution status of river Pampa in the foothills of Sabarimala has recorded an alarming e-coli count in the last lap of the just-concluded Mandalam pilgrim season.

The State Pollution Control Board (PCB) has suggested the deployment of policemen instead of volunteers at the Pampa bathing ghats in the foothills of Sabarimala to stop pilgrims from throwing used

The formal commissioning of the modern sewage treatment plant (STP) on the eve of the annual pilgrim season has done pretty little to check the flow of filth into the Pampa through the Njunangar st

The Pampa Parirakshana Samiti (PPS) that has been campaigning for the cause of the Pampa for the past three decades has welcomed the Kerala High Court direction to invoke the relevant provisions in