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THIS much-awaited report highlights the plight of the poor in these countries. The disparity between haves and have-nots have been documented in detail. The statistics are well highlighted. Take for

Poverty has declined considerably in India but there are striking economic disparities between different states, the country's first National Human Development Report 2001 observes. The absolute

In a major anti-poverty initiative, World Bank President James Wolfensohn has proposed a seven point plan for the world's rich nations to provide additional aid to the poorest countries. Wolfensohn,

If the macroeconomic and sectoral projections for the Tenth Plan are achieved, the poverty ratio in India should fall to 19.2 per cent by 2007, according to the Planning

The Union Cabinet's decision to slash by a rupee per kg the prices of food grains to be sold to people above the poverty line from the public distribution system, is yet another example of the

One definition of foreign aid is that it flows from the pockets of the poor in the West to those of the rich and the powerful in poor countries. So it is a welcome development that the consensus

It is confirmed now. Indians are less poor today than they were 10 years ago. Poverty line runs at 26 per cent, rather than 35 per cent. Statisticians say that the figures are true and all the debate

Orissa continues to top the list of poorest states in the country, Bihar is at the second position. The latest economy survey report by the Union government states that 47.15 per cent of Orissa's

A strategic pro-poor policy has been adopted by the Union Minister for Rural Development. The strategy is intended to be treated as a net resource replete with the poor persons' own ideas and

The World Bank has approved Rs. 6 crores for special poverty eradication programme for Chhattisgarh. The programme will be run for upliftment of the economic conditions of the families living the