April 9: The district medical and health authorities have alerted people in the city to take precautionary measures against anthrax.
This warning was given in the wake of three deaths suspected to be caused by cutaneous anthrax in Visakhapatnam and confirmed incidence of the disease in Prakasam, Srikakulam, Chittoor, Kurnool and Mahbubnagar districts.


March 21: Pollution in rivers, depleting resources of groundwater and landward movement of seawater are haunting Andhra Pradesh this World Water Day.

Ongole, Nov. 25: Until two decades ago, Rajupalem Lakshmi Puram, Ramatheertham and Chimakurthi were nondescript villages. But things suddenly changed when a unique form of granite was discovered in the 1,000 acres of land contiguous to these villages.

Ongole, Nov. 25: Recently, the mines department in the state discovered enor-mous granite stocks beneath the road between Chimakurthi and Rajupalem-Laksh-mipuram. The department estimates that if the granite is excavated form beneath the road, the government could earn a royalty of at least Rs 500 crore.

Ongole, Nov. 25: The global meltdown has badly affected the exports of the world famous galaxy granite from Chimakurthi of Prakasam district. Chimakurthi, located about 25 km from Ongole on the Kurnool Road, is famous for a rare type of black granite which is not found anywhere else in the world. It is exported to all corners of the globe.

Ongole Oct. 16: The incharge collector, Mr A. Dinakar Babu, on Thursday called upon the officials to be vigilant during floods and cyclones as Prakasam district has 102 km of seacoast. He said 18 cyclone shelters would be constructed in the district apart from the present 30 to serve people in emergency situations.

The quantitative analysis of agricultural production systems has become an important step in the formulation of agricultural policy. A number of empirical studies have attempted to investigate producer responsiveness to product and input price changes, to estimate economics of scale, to assess the relative efficiency, and to measure the impact of technological change.

Ongole, Sept. 21: Kandula Obula Reddy Gundlakamma project in Prakasam district is the only irrigation project out of 76 irrigation projects started by congress government in the state under Jalayagnam programme completed swiftly. It is waiting for its opening for the past one year . Opening of this project by the Chief Minister, Dr. Y.S.

Ongole, Sept. 19: People of western Prakasam

Hyderabad, Sept. 8: The state Cabinet on Monday cleared two thermal power projects in Srikakulam and okayed the extension of exclusive rights of the Krishnapatnam Port Company Limited (KPCL) on the northern side of the proposed Vanpic port in Vadarevu in Prakasam district.

The East Coast Energy Company