Indian attempts at lobbying in UNGASS

The Indian negotiators spoke up in time to oppose the convention on forests

Some of the points agreed to at Earth Summit II

The forest convention was the most controversial issue at the Summit. However, the G 77, a strident opposer, failed to act as a united force

Issues concerning the earth s future took a backseat as unseemly politics ruled the day at the just concluded Earth Summit II SUPRIYA AKERKAR reports from New York

Noted agricultural scientistM S Swaminathan says:

Bill Clinton's absence from the Copenhagen summit on social development underscores the post Cold War parochialism that has gripped the American world vision

A PROGRAMME called Local Initiatives for the Environment -- LIFE -- is using novel approaches to finance and implement environmental projects. A product of Agenda 21, the international agreement

International organisations concentrating on the moral and material uplift of the underpriviledged

After an initial whimper of protest, Southern governments accepted the partly reformed global environmental facility (GEF) as an interim mechanism to fund the implementation of decisions at the UN