After prolonged negotiations, what the Rio summit has produced is a weak and poorly represented commission on sustainable development

Money commitments made by northern leaders in Rio:

A comma gave rise to an argument over whether technology transfer should take place according to terms agreed upon at Rio or terms mutually agreed upon later

Africa had several tense moments before it could get the desertification convention through

In 1993, Newfoundland will see an international conference on fish stocks as a result of a dispute between Canada and Japan and the EC

At UNCED, the North tried using the facile argument that their larger consumption actually provided trade and jobs for the poorer South. But nobody bit the hook

Rio saw the largest ever gathering of NGOs over 2,000 of them. And finally the world was forced to acknowledge that NGOs were the real voice of the people

A rape charge brought against Paulinho Paiacan, one of the chiefs of the Caiapo nation, was seen by the community as an attempt to destroy its image

The minister of state for environment, Kamal Nath, had some radical words to say in Rio. "I don't understand why people here are talking about forests being national or global resources. In my

The South"s determined efforts to scuttle the forest convention that the North was adamant on pushing through was a major triumph. A blow-by-blow account of the crucial, often tricky, negotiation