Efforts to reduce the impact of business and industry on nature are falling short, reveals a new United Nations Environment Programme (unep) report. Very few companies in each industry are actively

Mostafa K Tolba , has been an influential figure in the global environmental arena, and has monitored the state of the world s environment. For 17 years he served as the executive director of the United Nations Environment

Climate change, desertification and the GEF

President, Global Village of Beijing, an NGO promoting public involvement in environmental protection "The NGO movement needs to be strengthened" • The ngo movement has been growing in

Vice-chairperson of the GEF Assembly and minister for development cooperation, Denmark "Developed countries should pay more towards environment protection" • We think that the world needs

Chairperson of the Climate Institute, Washington, DC " This is a need for tough measures to check artifically induced climate change" • The biggest emitters must make the biggest

The insurance market can become an invaluable weapon to protect the environment against errant industrial units

Environmental negotiations have slowly turned into petty business transactions, not the establishment of fair and just global environmental governance systems

Rock groups Genesis, REM, the Cranberries, Seal and others have nowded exclusive now tracks for an that almsto raisefunds to help save the world's rainforests. The Earthwise M - released

THE INTERNATIONAL Institute of Environment and Development (IIED) in London has been conducting research on environment- and development-related policy issues for the past 20 years. Policies for a