THE GLOBAL Environment Facility (GEF) meeting in Beijing recently marked the beginning of the first year after Rio. And it set the tone for the green world order of tomorrow -- a world in which

WITH HUGE reductions in aid already under way and further cuts to follow soon, transfer of resources remains the most contentious issue in international relations, says International Development Research Centre IDRC chief Keith Bezanson. Bezanson spoke

IT WAS absurd of Maurice Strong, secretary-general of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), to have billed last year's conference, popularly known as the Earth Summit, as "the

Small island countries will test, at a 1994 world conference, the sincerity of Western nations' promise about aiding development, which they made at Rio.

Even as the South continues to insist on Western nations fulfilling their Rio promise to increase aid, fund flows are decreasing.

A special committee is being set up to solve clashes between the industrialised and developing countries over national and international gains in environmental projects.

GERMAN environment minister Klaus Topfer has come under fire for his tough green laws such as the one against packaging. Environmental ministries, he says, are like end of the pipe treatment plants: They are responsible for cleaning up the mess made by ot

The reluctance of financial institutions to be made answerable will stymie progress on implementing the Earth Summit agreentents.

In 1992, even rich nations began to feel the pinch of impoverishment and it hurt enough to make them cut down on global charity

Little was achived at the December climate meeting in Geneva by way of setting schedules for future sessions,mainly because of stalling tactics by OPEC countries.