Brazil has slashed funds which it had promised to contribute towards a pilot project aimed at preserving the Amazon forests. The US $250-million-project was backed by seven leading industrial

The UN Convention to Combat Desertification is a non starter. Administrative and financial matters get the better of any serious attempts to deal with global desertification. Though the desert is expanding, the North is not interested

The first assembly of the GEF agreed that:

The vision of a common future appears to have been lost somewhere along the way from the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 to the first assembly of the Global Environment Facility GEF at New Delhi. The meet highlighted that there is a need for commitment from

Politicians and businessmen appear concerned about the environment these days. Their speeches and interviews are laced with expressions like sustainable development , ecology and green values . But do they actually mean what they say?

The role of non-government organisations (NGOs) in the international arena is changing. They have to devise new

We live in a world where nobody wishes to yield an inch

•A review of the five years since Rio, Earth Summit II showed collective irresponsibility by nation states for the earth's future •The special session of the UN General Assembly was

Statements of the world leaders at the Summit

The Denver meet set the tenor of non cooperation among the countries meeting at UNGASS