The North-South divide is not a fabrication: for three-fourths of the world, it is a fact of daily existence. Ignoring it will not make it disappear but only exacerbate the wounds.

A tongue in cheek report of a conversation overheard at a bar during a meeting of the Commission for Sustainable Development.

EVER SINCE the Earth Summit last year in Rio de Janeiro, there has been a spate of literature on sustainable development. Suddenly there is money aplenty for seminars, conferences and publications on

Nongovernmental organisations have criticised the cautious stand the desertification convention secretariat has taken in order to garner funds from industrialised countries.

By asserting the sovereignty of the right to control their tropical forests, more than 40 developing countries are gearing up to counter the North's attempts to regulate deforestation

The Delhi Declaration on forest management, conservation and sustainable development, adopted at the first ministerial conference of the forestry forum of developing countries, calls upon the international community to:

Various international fora and mechanisms have been formed to check deforestation, but tropical forest countries have always been wary of them, fearing interference by the North

ONE OF Bangladesh"s leading environmental NGOs, the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS), has taken the lead in rectifying a major lacuna in the Rio agenda. Dealing with poverty should have

The developing world needs to define what the South represents, for otherwise it risks its legitimacy as a negotiating bloc

The World's richest nations reiterate environment is high on their policy agenda