The climate regime needs to get out of the rut it is in

Will the Bush administration bring about radical changes in environmental and climate policies of the US?

People in the us should realise that only if they reduce fuel consumption will prices fall

Despite its disproportionately large carbon emissions, the US wants proportionate restrictions on the developing countries

The South is to blame for the shattering of a dream called Rio

Although the World Trade Organization is not the South's favourite negotiating platform, the latter must strengthen itself against the Northern moves

The debates, diatribes and rhetoric over the concept of sustainable cities have all been met with the resounding illogic of warped priorities: Southern cities have a resource crisis and Northern cities are plagued with over consumption. In terms of globa

Bill Clinton's absence from the Copenhagen summit on social development underscores the post Cold War parochialism that has gripped the American world vision

Despite numerous proclamations of eco friendliness and a deluge of treaties, not much was done in 1993 to make fuelwood and clean water easily accessible to the poor

The North-South divide is not a fabrication: for three-fourths of the world, it is a fact of daily existence. Ignoring it will not make it disappear but only exacerbate the wounds.