An oil extract from old tyres could be used to make chewing gum mouthwash and soap

Microorganisms prove effective in recycling old tyres stockpiled in landfill areas

A company in Kenya is putting old rubber tyres to good use. The use of locally reclaimed rubber is fast catching on in the country. Recycled rubber has not only helped improve environment but also

It was the bane of the rubber tree, as the fungus Phytophthora literally ate into its every part. With the discovery of antifungal wood extracts, however, the fungus can be stopped dead in its tracks. The extract also meets today's criterion of eco

• The 83rd session of the Indian Science Congress was inaugurated in Patiala on January 3. The conference focused on scientific and technological endeavours for achieving "food, economic and

Tennis stars are being served and volleyed to fuel a new and unique experiment

Foreign Companies have taken a sudden interest in Kampuchea's ageing, state-owned rubber plantations. Kampuchean officials are delighted at this development. "Today there is anarchy in the

Scrap tyres buried underground could reduce irrigation costs

Tyres that never tire are an automobile's glamourous footwear, but producing these sophisticates is an environmental nightmare

The World Bank continues to finance a development project in northwest Brazil, despite warnings that it would adversely affect the Uru Eu Wau Wau Indians.