Maharashtra s decentralisation plan gets derailed even before it can take off

GANDHI's Vision and Valuesis meant to be a serious exploration into the contemporary meaning of Hind Swaraj and the kind ofpossibility it indicates for agricultural practices in rural India. Hind

Of late, the rural poor have realised that protection of the forest is basic to their survival and they themselves are protecting it. This would imply that creating awareness among the rural poor

Commitment of a donor organisation to bring about a shift in the agrarian set up should be matched by political machinations as well

The micro-vision of the lecturers of the Community Polytechnique Cell, Malcla, with the village as the focal centre, is supplemented with their district level concerns. They are especially

Area farmers in Uttar Pradesh contend match manufacturer Wimco, which had persuaded them to raise poplar trees for its factory, has reneged on its promises, leaving them indebted and impoverished

The panchayats of Sonrai in Uttar Pradesh and Palana in Rajasthan share a Jawahar Rozgar Yojana experience. Both ignored the water needs of the villagers and spent the money instead on projects that are not even being maintained properly.

Kumarappa was a close associate of Gandhiji and a firm believer in the theory the village must be made the focus of economic planning. Aware of the dangers of unchecked industrialisation, Kumarappa advocated that human beings should collaborate with natur

After successive reductions, can increased allocations for rural development, agriculture, education and health be effective?

At Gandhiji's suggestion, Kumarappa undertook a survey of an area in Gujarat that was once most prosperous but had become prey to poverty and famine.