The report presents data on level of consumption and its break-up by commodity group. The level of living of an individual is measured by his or her household

This publication presents a compilation of information on key practical issues affecting jatropha for pro-poor development. It provides a brief overview of biofuels, their growth drivers

This report contains a detailed assessment of the status and potential for the development of biofuels in Cambodia and presents a country strategy for biofuels development

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi

This report is based on a series of 15 international case studies conducted between September and November 2008 under a joint initiative of FAO and the PISCES Energy Research Programme Consortium funded by DFID. The case studies focussed on developing an improved understanding of the linkages between Livelihoods and small-scale bioenergy initiatives.

In many parts of rural India the use of wood for fuel is the cause of significant environmental and health problems. Efforts to help people switch to cleaner fuels have not been effective and fuelwood use remains high in the countryside.

The need to meet the growing energy demand from Zambia