In the Western approach to stories on the environment, topics are wrapped in neat packages: from rainforests to big dams. But writing on rural development or women's education can also reflect concern for the environment.

The British perceived these valuable community resources as a "wasteful system"

A new kind of fishing raft is replacing the traditional ones along the Madras coast

Akhtar Hameed Khan is one of Asia's foremost social organisers. The Orangi Pilot Proiect, Karachi's outstanding slum development programme, testifies to his innovative approach in empowering ordinary people to transform their environment

This directory provides the addresses and names of concerned officers in government departments dealing with India's natural resources.

In India, recent micro-experiments clearly show that environmental regeneration is possible if native wisdom and local decision-making is respected. Towards Green Villages sets out an environmental improvement strategy that is based on real life experiences of grassroots work in which people have improved their environment together with their economy. Three initial steps are essential. First, the decline in overall biomass production must be reversed. Second, economic growth and rural development programmes must focus on how to increase biomass in an equitable and sustainable manner.

The Task Force was set up in pursuance of the recommendations of the Indian Board for Wildlife and its standing committee at their meetings held on 9th February 1981 and 1st July 1982, respectively. The term 'wildlife' as globally understood, denotes all uncultivated forms of flora and fauna and has been so construed in this report. The Task Force commenced its deliberations by assessing the current levels of awareness and the degrees of apathy, indeed antipathy towards wildlife among the different sections of the public and endeavoured to determine the causes.

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