SCIENTISTS say the increase in the atmospheric concentration of methane -- a major greenhouse gas -- is fast levelling off (New Scientist, Vol 140, No 1991). Evidence of a halt in methane rise

CAVIAR, the ultimate synonym for luxurious living and a major Russian export, is facing a triple threat of poaching, pollution and petroleum. Female sturgeon swim down the Volga river to the

A team of Russian scientists have found in mice a gene, which, unlike others, decides when to express itself

SCIENTISTS claim to have unveiled through a DNA analysis the mystery about the fate of Czar Nicholas II and his family in the wake of the Russian Revolution. A team of British and Russian

A Russian attempt to light up the night by using sunlight reflected from a huge space based mirror failed to come up to expectations but could some day provide an alternative to electric lighting.

The Siberian forests are facing the axe from a Russia eager to top the financial potencial of its timber.

Environmental issues took a backseat at the recent G 7 meet where the main concern was the business of revamping Soviet built nuclear power plants

The dam's safety and design parameters must be cleared by the MEF. Environmental management plans must be formulated and clearance obtained from the MEF. Catchment area treatment: THDC will