Sudden slacks in the hunt for Veerappan

Sandalwood smuggler Veerappan's charter of 10 demands to the Tamil Nadu government as the precondition for releasing 3 hostages may provoke the final offensive against him by authorities. In a

Sandalwood smuggling, epitomised by Veerappan, has become a collective phenomenon involving entire villages, which even the ban on sandalwood exports has been unable to curb. Deregulation of the sandal tree, currently under state control, is now being deb

In a chilling reminder of his prowess as an outlaw, sandalwood smuggler and poacher Veerappan and his gang exploded an electronic landmine, which destroyed a van carrying members of a task force

SANDALWOOD smuggling is raising quite a stink in Karnataka, where poacher-smuggler Veerappan has reportedly recruited three retired army personnel and a former BSF jawan to train other gang members

THE ELUSIVE sandalwood smuggler Veerappan has dealt another blow. Last month, he lured Mysore superintendent of police T Harikrishna and his men into a trap and mercilessly killed him and five

Time to tell all: The Delhi High Court has issued notices to various departments and functionaries of the Union and Delhi governments on a public interest litigation seeking