The Karnataka government ostensibly allows private production of sandalwood, but actually maintains a tight rein on the trade. In fact, eight months after the notification of amendments in the Karnataka Forest Amendment Act 2001, stakeholders are yet to

Bangalore University s new BioPark has medicinal gardens that incorporate the near forgotten science of India s ancient medical treatises

there are many lapses prevalent in

The genetic variability of sandalwood trees in India has reduced considerably because of their increased susceptibility to diseases

Karnataka s amendments to its sandalwood trade regulations fail to impress

Existing regulation Amendments Fallouts Sandal tree exclusive property of the government. News trees grown in private land will not be state

Winds of change in the scented wood

Everybody’s a loser. Forest guards die for laws that cannot be defended. Poor people get exploited. Veerappan rules the jungle. Sandalwood trees disappear

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The Karnataka government has expressed optimism about the safe release of Kannada screen idol Rajkumar, who is being held hostage by sandalwood smuggler Veerappan. Tamil Nadu chief minister M