The Swiss, trust them! have come up with a digital bank note aesthetic, state of the art and in copiable

Quark, thought to be the simplest building block of nuclear matter, may contain still smaller building blocks, as suggested by scientists working at Fermilab's huge particle accelerator near

Brought about by scientists of the Laboratoire de Chimie des Metaux de Transition in Paris, synthesisation of a new magnetic compound with potential uses in memory devices is the latest in the field of material science

Why are we and the universe around us made of matter and not antimatter? Scientists at last create antimatter particles to lead us on to a journey of queries about the :nti world'

The Hubble Space Telescope's position above the earth's atmosphere enables it to provide clearer pictures of the heavens. Now, with the first integrated test of adaptive

One of the challenges facing image processors has been the reconstruction of a three dimensional (3-D) image of human face from photographs. Recent work by J J Atick and others at

A Japanese experiment in thefield of neutrino detection has come as manna for physicists and cosmologists, opening before them immense possibilities offinally disentangling some of the most enduringpuzzles which hamper our understanding of nature

The microchip revolution is catching up even with thefield of combinatorial chemistry helping in the creation of all possible combinations of basic chemicals, thereby enabling a faster synthesisation of new compounds

An ingenius magneto optic trap using a magnetic mirror created with audio tapes and floppy disks mightfacilitate the possibility ofstorage and observation of cold rubidium atoms

Scientists develop a new switch to revolutionise fibre opti techniques