From environment-friendly cars, researchers move on to an environment-friendly aircraft, which derives all its energy from sunlight. Developed by a team of scientists from AcroVironment, an

The ingenuity of Tracy Phillips, an 18-year-old senior of Long Beach High in Lido Beach, New York, usa, has ensured that sightless people are no longer bamboozled. Tracy has invented a wallet-sized

For people who have always been fascinated by tattoos but have never braved them, a combination of 2 quick and painless methods of tattooing has been devised by the UK-based Dreadco. The spray

A modular bridge kit made of railroad flatcar decks

It took almost 2 decades of squinting at the microverse to finally pin down, on March 2, an accomplished atomic escape artist, the top quark

Over 200 subatomic (or fundamental) particles have been detected so far. Each appears to have an antiparticle, which possesses the same mass as the particle but manifests the opposite side of one

Is there physics beyond the Standard Model?

A new type of plastic cable developed in Japan could flood individual homes with information

Natural musk from the musk deer is now being replaced by an artificial variety made by Chinese scientists working on this project since 1976. Musk is an ingredient in 295 Chinese

MODERNITY meets tradition at the General Informations Service Terminal-National Informatics Centre (gistnic) -- a database on traditional science and technologies of India -- located at the National